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Lost And Found




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Natalie is 10, her brother Kyle has just died, and things at home become strange. Mam is getting more and more distanced from the family and Dad and Natalie are trying to keep everything together. Also, something is worrying Natalie’s conscience; before Kyle died she took a treasured possession from his bedside . . . to make things worse she now can't find it. If only it would turn up and she could give it to Mam, maybe everything would be all right and maybe Mam would snap out of it.

Natalie is now 15, her brother Kyle died when she was 10 and for the last five years she’s got used to talking to her Mam through her bedroom door. She gets on ok with her Dad but now he’s starting to play strange mind games with her. Suddenly this item that belonged to her brother has turned up in her room. Its been lost for years and she looked in that drawer only yesterday . . . mind you the ghostly visits from her brother have started again and her Dad can't be controlling those.

Lost and Found is about growing up and learning to let go of your demons

Lost and Found was performed on February 8th 2003 as a joint production by the Junior and Senior groups


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