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To celebrate 150 years since the incorporation of the Borough of Barrow-in-Furness, the founding fathers Lord Cavendish, Sir James Ramsden and Mr W Schneider returned for one night only. They took the audience on a promenade journey through 150 years of theatre extracts: comedy, farce and drama from Oscar Wilde to the present day.

'Tonight my chums and I present a journey through theatre history. It's not presented in any particular order, in fact the evening jumps backwards and forwards in time rather a lot. As we wander along together we'll try our best to guestimate what Barrow was up to around the time each play was written, but we hope you understand that we can't ensure accuracy.

Anyway we hope you enjoy our company and we hope we enjoy yours.’

Yours faithfully etc,        


Lord Cavendish, as performed by Adam Egginton

Sir James Ramsden, lovingly created by Jon Bisset

W. H. Schneider, roughly approximated by Dave Mitchell

The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde

Written in 1895. Wilde called his satire on Victorian values 'a trivial comedy for serious people'. In this scene Cecily and Gwendolen think they are engaged to the same man . . . a man they think is called Ernest.

Gwendolen Georgia Molly Peel: Cecily Megan Williams

Bed by Jim Cartwright

Written in 1988 by the writer of 'Little Voice'. In this opening scene seven elderly people try to sleep but Sermon Head, the voice of insomnia, has other ideas.

Charles Jon Bissett: Bosom Lady Karen Hall: Marjorie Megan Williams: Spinster Nicole Rose: The Couple Eva Clifton and Conrad Birchall: Captain Dan Hardie: Sermon Head Greg O'Flynn

Head Of Steel by Julia Darling

Three English railway navvies stop on their way up North to find work on the building of the Settle To Carlisle railway. Written in 1993.

Blackbird Dan Hardie: Rainbow Ratty Jamie Reynolds: Sore Conrad Birchall

The Danny Crowe Show by David Farr

Written in 2002 by the screenwriter of 'Spooks'  and the 'Night Manager'. This play is set in the world of reality TV. The action is in a church hall in a small northern town. Two young people are waiting to be interviewed for a chance to tell their story on 'The Danny Crowe Show'.

Peter Greg O'Flynn: Lynette Megan Williams: Magda (a reality TV researcher) Nicole Rose: Miles (a reality TV researcher) Jamie Reynolds

Waiting For Godot by Samuel Beckett

Written in 1948 this is one of the most debated plays of all time. Two tramps ponder life. But what is it about?

Estragon Tara Edwards Doughty: Vladimir Rachel Ashton

The Eiffel Tower Wedding Party by Jean Cocteau

Written in 1921. This experimental French surrealist play was originally part of a  ballet. This is the opening scene.

Narrator 1 Nathan Powell: Narrator 2 Tara Edwards Doughty:The Ostrich Eva Clifton: The Hunter Dan Hardie: The Radiogram Nicole Rose: The Manager of the Eiffel Tower Conrad Birchall: The Photographer Jon Bissett

Punk Rock by Simon Stephens

Premiered in 2009. Set in the library of a  Stockport grammar school, a group of 6th form girls discuss lads, babies and chips.

Cissy Eva Clifton: Lilly Nicole Rose: Tanya Megan Williams

The Pot Of Gold by Titus Maccius Plautus

Written around 2000 BC  by the Roman father of comedy. For safe keeping, Euclio has left his pot of gold hidden in the shrine of his household god, "Good Faith".

Euclio (a rich and stingy old man) Jamie Reynolds: Lyconides's slave Greg O'Flynn

The Women Who Painted Ships by Julia Darling

Edith and Edna reminisce about the days they worked at Swan Hunter's shipyard on the Tyne during World War 2. They were 'slapdashers' . . . the women who painted the ships. Written in 1997

Edna Charis Gifford: Edith Jasmine Adamson: The InterviewerRachel Ashton


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Directed by Rachel Ashton, Karen Hall and Kat Ford

Punk Rock was directed by Georgia Molly Peel

Sound Damian Rose

DSM Dan Hardie

Costumes supplied by Cartmel Costume Barn

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Directed by Rachel Ashton, Karen Hall and Kat Ford

Punk Rock was directed by Georgia Molly Peel

Sound Damian Rose

DSM Dan Hardie

Costumes supplied by Cartmel Costume Barn


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