Voices of Generation Zed 3





15 to 26 July

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IF! Inclusion Festival





March 2026

A festival of stories and events made By, For and With the people of Barrow

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Tabby Lamb

As part of our ongoing support to the LGBTQI community we are very excited to welcome Tabby Lamb to Barrow for a free workshop celebrating the queer experience. Tabby is a queer theatre practitioner from London and their workshop explores the positives to queer and non-binary experience. In a world where queerness is still marginalised, join Tabby Lamb to explore the joys of queerness. From gender euphoria to T4T romances and beyond. We'll be connecting with everything we enjoy and adore about being queer and the community we have built.‍Places are limited and can be booked at

Anthems for Barrow

The Anthems for Barrow were commissioned during the COVID19 global pandemic as a way of celebrating what we hold dear and helping the community to recover. We asked 5 musicians and 1 spoken word artist all from Barrow to create tracks about the town with its people.

Swerve and JD were asked to make a UK Garage track with Walney Youth Group which would reflect some of the views of the town's youth. End Of The Line is a powerful but affectionate critique of the town, warts and all.

Joe and Damian Rose and Matthew Whatley were asked to make music and poetry celebrating Barrow's pub music culture down the years. To do this they interviewed people who had played in Barrow's music scene from the 50's to the present day gathering their  memories and images. The result is an Indie mash-up of words, songs and video evoking the good times.

Lastly Gary Bridgens was asked to create songs with shoppers in Barrow Market as lockdown eased. In the character of 'Dick the Socially Distanced Songsmith' Gary turned out instant traditional ballads to order for shoppers and families, bringing live music and creative interaction back to the town centre.

The results: Anthem for Youth- End Of The Line, Anthems for The Pub and Anthems for The High Street are a celebration of Barrow-In-Furness and it's people. We hope you enjoy them.

Rachel Ashton, Artistic Director

After Rain

Olly McKenzie, a young musician, faces a conflict between love and duty in his home town where the desire to escape is only equalled by the fear of failure in the bigger world. Outside his window, the rain is torrential, and another Cumbrian season of downpours is about to wash Olly’s world away.

Set in Cumbria, After Rain, explores the themes of Love, Fluidity and Deceit. Live Streamed from the Cooke's Studio 21st August 2021.

Kick Down The Door #1

So you’ve got your degree in a Performing Arts or other Arts subject? You want to get going but have no clue where to start? The problems and barriers seem insurmountable?

Kick Down The Door is a series of interactive, day long, seminars to get you going, to help you kick down the barriers to progress, and to move you forward on the journey towards professional arts practice.

It is free and run by practising Artists and Educationalists, Rachel Ashton and Geoff Cox.

Book here:

Barrow Rises Labs

We run a whole host of creative activities for children, young people and families. At the moment these are on Zoom but will be back face to face in our studio as soon as possible.


7- 8pm Making Electronic Music (12-25 years)


1-2pm Creative Writing for Adults

5-6pm Creative Writing for Young People

7-9pm Performance Group for Adults


5-6pm Shadow Puppets

7-11 years

Book Here:

You’ll Need Your Big Coat

In response to COVID19 Theatre Factory is moving performances outdoors. Working outside will be very different, we’ll meet lots of challenges along the way and lots of new people as well. First up is #1. Dog Days. We hope that you will all get involved and remember . . . You’ll Need Your Big Coat!